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Golf Digest Showcases Our Magnetic Golf Towel as a Top PGA Show Highlight

Hey Birdie Girls,

I'm Lindzee Barrera, founder of Birdie Girl Golf. Let's talk about our Magnetic Golf Towel, which made quite a splash at the 2024 PGA Show. Golf Digest featured it as one of the coolest products, and here's why.

The Inspiration Behind the Towel: As a golfer, I always found myself in need of a practical yet feminine golf towel. Frustrated by the lack of options, I created our Magnetic Golf Towel. It's not just for the greens - I use it everywhere, from the gym to my kitchen!

A Towel for Every Setting: What makes this towel a game-changer? Its versatility. The strong magnet, coated in rubber to protect your clubs, allows you to hang it on any metal surface. It's perfect for golfers, fitness enthusiasts, and even busy home chefs.

Customization for Every Golfer: We understand the uniqueness of every golfer. That's why we offer custom magnetic towels. Whether for personal flair or tournament branding, we can tailor each towel to suit your style.

Why Golfers Love It: Perrine, a happy customer, sums it up: "I love these towels—they're really thick and soft, and the magnets are so strong but coated in rubber, so they don't scratch your clubs. I ordered the Golf Girl design, and it's so cute and preppy."

Join the Magnetic Towel Revolution: Be part of the trend that's sweeping the golf world. Experience the convenience, style, and functionality of our Magnetic Golf Towel.

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