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Birdie Girl Golf

Golf Girl Magnetic Golf Towel

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This adorable and functional towel is all about adding some fun and flair to your game. This eye-catching magnetic golf towel showcases the Golf Girl illustration pattern on the front, while the back features a stunning gradient in pink, yellow, and blue. Designed to be your stylish and reliable companion, effortlessly attracting metal clubs, carts, and other metal surfaces.

Industrial Strength Magnet for Strong Hold: Equipped with a powerful magnet, this towel easily attaches to golf carts, clubs, or any conveniently placed metal object. No more worrying about losing your towel during the game – it stays securely in place.

Microfiber Golf Towel with Waffle Pockets: Our 18 x 18 inches square towel is made of soft, premium microfiber material, providing superior absorbency and quick drying capabilities. The waffle pockets ensure efficient moisture removal from your golf clubs and equipment.

How to wash magnetic golf towel: The removable magnetic patch allows for safe washing and drying. Simply detach the patch, toss the towel in the machine, and it's good to go. Plus, our all-weather signature birdie girl silicon patch defends against water and moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love this!! The magnet is so strong!! The towel is adorable. Very practical.

Angela Gleich
Magnetic towel

Love it! The magnet is strong. And the towel is so cute. No more cleaning my ball on the grass or my clothes!!

Christmas gift!!!

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my niece and she loved it. Cant wait to see if on her golf bag come spring.

Perrine Blakley
Such a cute towel, great design

I love these towels--they're really thick and soft and the magnets are so strong but coated in this rubber so they don't scratch your clubs. I ordered the Golf Girl design and it's so cute and preppy. Love!