Our Story

Birdie Girl was created from a love of golf, the joy of spending time with girlfriends, and the need for stylish accessories that add a touch of fun to every round.

Birdie Girl is a female-owned company located in Boise, Idaho. We are on a mission to get more women to love golf. We started with a small collection of ball markers and over time have grown to include dozens of different accessories. We hope wearing your Birdie Girl golf accessories will help you show your love for the game and put a smile on your face.

  • Hello! I'm Lindzee, the founder of Birdie Girl. Thanks for stopping by my little golf shop. In 2021, I founded Birdie Girl when I had a difficult time finding a unique golf gift for my friends. My goal was to create a golf accessory brand created just for the female golfer.

    I played competitive golf since the age of 6 and played collegiate golf at the University of Idaho. Golf has taught me valuable life lessons like etiquette (I was a lively one on the course) and sportsmanship and brought me numerous lifelong friendships. I am a huge advocate for girls learning the sport because of the friendship and business opportunities.  There is nothing better than an afternoon spent on the golf course with girlfriends!

  • I was born and raised in a suburb of Seattle until I was 15 and moved to Central Washington.

    I grew up playing competitive golf and received a scholarship to play at the University of Idaho (go vandals). I played four years at U of I and was 2nd team all-conference my senior year and an academic all-American.

    In my senior year, I got completely burnt out from playing golf and danced on the 18th green when it was all over. I may or may not have pretended the club was a horse. I realize now this was strange behavior. 😂

    I moved to Vegas after college and worked at a course on the strip where I bet tourists $ on par 3s if I could get it closer to the pin than them. The house always wins.

    My two brothers and my dad have been golf pros. My dad was a self-made golf course architect who designed and built seven courses in Washington state before he passed away in 2010. He was a massive supporter of girls’ golf and my only swing coach.

    I decided to get out of the golf business and moved to Boise, Idaho, in 2008 to work for a marketing agency. I have a full-time job as a French fry marketer. Yes, that’s a thing. I get to work on lots of food content, which I love! That’s why you see me sneak in some 19TH hole recipes on birdie girl IG.

    I met my wonderful husband, Javier, at a bar in Boise. We have two fun children, Anabel(8) and Jack(10 - named after my dad), and a cavalier King Charles called Peter Barker. I also talked my mom and one of my brothers into moving to Boise.

    In 2010, I bet Javier’s best friend that I could teach Javier to break 90 before 40. I now owe him a trip to Maui. Javier likes computers and skiing a lot more than golf, and that’s totally ok by me.

    What’s my handicap? I have never kept up a handicap. I don’t play enough to be as good as I was in college, but I still drive the ball about 250 (even if it’s on the wrong fairway). In my senior year, I averaged 2 or 3 over par, if that helps. I am now a very fair weather golfer and love playing with my girlfriends. After so many years of intense competition, this suits me just fine.

    I founded birdie girl in 2021 because I couldn’t find a ball marker I wanted to give as a gift. There are many funny markers for men, but I thought women needed a fun, sassy brand of ball markers. I have been blown away by the support I have received. My mission is to help women have fun on the course and encourage them to stick with the game.

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