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Seizing the Opportunity: Capitalizing on the Surge of Women Golfers in the Market

There's a familiar sentiment in the golf industry: "I try to stock for women golfers, but they don't buy." Yet, our survey reveals a different story: 96% of women are dissatisfied with pro shop offerings. This discrepancy suggests a need for more alignment in understanding women's needs in golf.

The golf industry is witnessing a significant shift, with much of its recent growth attributed to an increase in women players. This surge presents a lucrative opportunity for golf shops and clubs to cater to a previously underserved market. Recognizing and meeting the specific needs of women golfers can lead to increased engagement and sales, making it essential for golf businesses to adapt their strategies and offerings accordingly.

Women are primary consumers in almost all shopping categories, often outspending men, a trend that can translate to golf with the right approach. Here are key strategies to tap into this potential and more profits for your shop:

  1. Understand the Market: Women spend more in most retail categories. Understanding their preferences can unlock significant sales potential in golf shops.
  2. Regular Feedback: We recommend surveying your members or asking for feedback regularly to keep up with changing preferences and trends. When deciding on products for the next season, create a quick email survey to get a pulse on what they might like. We also have seen many clubs do this in their social media stories. Click here for a survey template. 
  3. Employ a Woman Buyer: A female buyer with a keen sense of style, merchandising skills, and an understanding of the women's golf market can curate products that resonate better with female customers.
  4. Form a Member Advisory Committee: If you are a male buyer and need input, consider forming a committee of female club members known for their fashion sense. They can provide valuable insights into what women golfers want.
  5. Broaden the Range: Women in our survey asked for more accessories - a category that's often a hit for gifts and personal use. These are also high-margin items for the shop.  
  6. Size Inclusivity: When it comes to golf apparel for women, offering size inclusivity is essential. Offering a broader range of sizes and the option to order can address a significant gap in current offerings. If you bring in a new brand, it's important to understand how the products fit. Golf clothing for women tends to run small, often an immediate objection for women.  
  7. Create Experiences: To kick off a season and give women a chance to preview your new items, host shopping nights for women, bringing in smaller vendors for a varied and exciting selection. These events can include fashion shows, putting contests, golf simulator challenges, customization stations, style Q&A sessions, raffle draws, mix and mingle areas, demo stations, and more, transforming shopping into a social and enjoyable experience. Be sure to involve the food and beverage team in creating signature cocktails and appetizers. 

By aligning your offerings with the needs of women golfers, your pro shop can become a thriving hub for female players.

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