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Last minute Mother's Day gift guide for the golf lover

Mother's Day is a little under a week away, and if you have not found that perfect give for the golf lover mom in your life, do not worry; we have got you covered. While we highly recommend our Birdie Girl Golf Marker Necklaces as a gift for every golf mom, we realize there are many other options to celebrate that tee-riffic mom. All of our recommended gifts come from small, women-owned golf businesses.

Best Last-Minute Golf Gifts to Arrive by Mother's Day

Ame & Lulu 3 Zip Carryall - $28
This stylish carryall clips to your golf bag to store all the necessities during your round. No more finding golf tees in the laundry

Foray Golf Glove - $35
The cutest pink leather golf glove out there. Plus, it is excellent fitting and made of high-performance leather.

Lija Center Point Skort - $110
A feminine skort with flutter and patterned ruffle at the bottom.

BloqUV Blanket Wrap -$39
Perfect as a sun wrap and shawl on the golf course. UV lab tested and blocks 98% UVA/UVB rays for Chemical-free sun protection

Sicily Wine Tote from Sassy Caddy - $36

Who does not need a cute wine tote for those wine and dine rounds?

If you still don't feel any of these options work for your golf-loving mom. We highly recommend gifting a day on the course with you. Nothing is better for the soul than a day of golf with friends and family. Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!


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