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The Birdie Girl Ultimate Women's Golf Gift Guide

When I started Birdie Girl Golf last year, I never imagined it would receive so much support from women golfers. I get an incredible amount of joy packing up our best golf gifts for loved ones and am honored when someone chooses Birdie Girl as the perfect golf gift for their friend. The holiday season is upon us, and I hope you will consider supporting my little golf shop this season when finding a unique golf gift for your golfher. I made the selection process easier for you by creating the ultimate women's golfer gift guide for every type of golf-her.  





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For the Fun Golfher

Key Traits:
Likes to play golf for the social, fun aspect, but secretly loves to win
Asked to play in many charity scrambles because she outdrives the boys
Former college volleyball player
Says things like "UFFDA" and "WTF" when she shanks a chip
Always ready with a great 19th hole recipe
Buys her golf clothes on Amazon and loves anything neon

What to buy her
The best golf gift choice for the Fun Golfher is our collection of funny and sassy ball markers. Our Birdie Girl sassy pack of ball markers helps her have more fun and laughs on the course with friends.

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For the Purist Golfher

Key Traits:
Plays at least three times a week
Traveled to "The Open" this summer and played 11 rounds in 10 days.
Doesn't understand people who watch the Liv Tour
Macade golf brand loyalist and has 14 polos in black and grey
Despises animal print
Begrudgingly uses a yardage finder even though she feels its cheating

What to buy her
The best golf gift choice for the Golf Purist is our minimalist style personalized initial ball marker necklace. It is a classic choice for the golf purist, available in silver and gold, with a simple initial ball marker.

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Longtime Golfher

Key Traits
Played in a Tuesday ladies' golf day league for 48 years
Deeply offended by Phil's latest shenanigans
Gets daily loud text alerts about "her" Jordan Speith
Says things like "oh dear" and "oops" when she misses a putt
Massive fan of Jamie Sadock for golf apparel
Remembers the days when golf skirts were required to be at the knee
Adores giving unique golf gifts to her long-time ladies day foursome

What to buy her
This lady loves the finer things in life and enjoys the classy lifestyle. The best golf gift choice for the Long-time Golfher is our classy pack, or our swear word ball marker necklace.

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The Gadget Golfher

Key Traits:
Addicted to YouTube golf instruction videos
Constantly changes her swing mid-round
Is superstitious and believes an excellent pre-round range session equals a bad day on the course
Loves any golf apparel that helps her swing better
Has over 20 colors of golf skorts with matching sleeveless polos
Purchases any swing trainer or putting gadget she can find
Refuses to pay for actual lessons

What to buy her
The best golf gift choice for the Gadget Golfher is our new alignment golf ball markers. Help her sink more putts and look great doing it with this four-pack of alignment markers.

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